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Last updated: May 27, 2021

RobotsArentFunny.com is a free website that provides short comedic videos generated using AI. While these videos are reviewed by humans, RobotsArentFunny.com makes no guarantees regarding the contents of the videos. The videos should be assumed to have no relation to factual reality, may offend some viewers, and cannot be guaranteed not to cause harm.

Neither does RobotsArentFunny.com make any guarantees regarding the technical performance of this website. The website may fail to function as described, including in ways that could cause harm. By visiting the RobotsArentFunny.com website, you assume all liability for technical problems that might arise as a result of your computer's interaction with this site. Users who "like" videos or submit "prompts" should assume that their data will immediately become publicly available and may be impossible to "delete from the internet" in the future. RobotsArentFunny.com makes no guarantees regarding the protection of data submitted to its website including against tampering.

The videos on this site were created with significant human artistry and curation, and hence are protected as copyrighted under US law. It is illegal to distribute or download these videos without permission except in accordance with fair use as provided by US law. Examples of allowable uses include: linking to a specific video's page on RobotsArentFunny.com, sharing an image or a short description of a video on RobotsArentFunny.com, embedding videos from the RobotsArentFunny.com youtube channel within another website or social media. Doing so, however does not imply that RobotsArentFunny.com or its creators endorse either the "plain text" of the videos--which are intended purely as comedy and contain no further social commentary--or any messages posted that accompany these videos.

Finally, regardless of the above, RobotsArentFunny.com assumes no liablity for harm that may be caused either by interacting with this website or by sharing its content. Such liability rests solely upon the users who may be found responsible in a court of law if they utilize the RobotsArentFunny.com website and its content in a way that could potentially harm themselves or others.

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